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Whitstable Online is the community web site for the people of Whitstable in Kent.
Also provides visitors with information about the quaint, fashionable fishing town.

Whitstable is probably most famous as a fishing port and for the oysters that are still fished here.

Whitstable is a small town with a huge personality. Famous since Roman times for its oysters, it has retained much of its charm and character over the years, and has lured acting greats such as Sir Henry Broadribb Irving, Sir Arthur Pinero, Albert Ward; famous for his part as Fagin in Dicken's Oliver Twist, and the legendary Peter Cushing, to name a few to live here in the past. The town seems to attract artistic types.

Although Whitstable is situated on the north Kent coast, it's easily accessible by train or bus. Only 7 miles from the cathedral city of Canterbury, it is also a good base for visiting the Isle of Thanet. The train station is near to the town centre, with daily services to London.

Whitstable HarbourWhitstable's famous working harbour is open to the public and allows you to step back in time as you watch the fishermen return in their boats. There are two shops on the quay side selling freshly caught fish and oysters, and a quay side restaurant serving fish of the day. There are also quite a few other restaurants in the town, many of whom you will find specialise in sea food.

For first time visitors to Whitstable, the narrow streets and lanes of this peaceful and quiet town invite you to explore at your leisure, with quaint weather boarded fishermen's and diver's cottages lining many of the streets near to the beach. These cottages are still lived in today, and you can almost imagine the cold and wet fishermen returning from a hard trip out at sea so many years ago.

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Whitstable offers a variety of activities for everyone, although it is not for the party goer who wants to dance the night away on a Friday night. For those of you who are interested in this sort of thing, there is a night club in nearby Herne Bay and Canterbury.

Whitstable pubFor those who want to have a nice drink with friends, there are a large number of Public Houses to suit most people in the main part of the town, but who knows what you will find when you venture along one of the many side streets.

For the active people amongst you, Whitstable offers an impressive selection of water based activities as well activities for those of you who don't want to get their feet wet.

On the sea front, which is a stones throw away from the town centre, there is the Waterfront Club, where you can take part in sailing, surfing and other water sports. Nearby, there is a modern sports centre complete with indoor swimming pool. For those who are looking for something less energetic, there is a ten pin bowling alley, indoor bowling club and a bowling green.

Whitstable offers a variety of interesting shops, many of which are local to the town. There are varied antique and craft shops along Harbour Street, where you can pick up something unusual and unique.

Whilst Whitstable is famous for its oysters and harbour, it is now as famous for its Oyster festival, which has earned Whitstable a worldwide reputation. The annual festival takes place from July 24st to August 1st, and is eagerly awaited by all the residents of the town. Each year, the town comes alive, uniting fishermen, restaurateurs, traders, civic figures, other organisations and residents, attracting thousands of visitors.

The fishermen go out to sea at the crack of dawn, and return to an excited crowd on the beach. They parade their catch through the town, and afterwards, it is distributed between pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Nearby Tankerton also has an annual regatta, famous since 1790, which attracts thousands of people to the Slopes every year for a week of fun and music.

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Over recent years, Whitstable has become popular with people wanting to escape the rat race of city living. It has also attracted a few well known celebrities who want to enjoy the peace and tranquility Whitstable can offer without being too far away from civilisation.


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